Demand Profiling of SME

1. Contact information

2. Basic information of Unit

3. Please let us know the specific areas/ topics where you will like Innovation Facilitation Cell to organize knowledge sessions/ events/ workshops/ trainings etc

4. Describe any one manufacturing challenges/constraints, for solving which you require support of Innovation Facilitation Cell, JSIA?

5. Do you have any new idea that requires research inputs for putting into action? If yes, describe the idea.

Alternative Method

MSME members of JSIA can download a brief Demand Profiling Form by clicking on the link given below. By submitting this filled up form, IFC will be able to know:

a. Specific areas/ topic where IFC can organise knowledge sessions/events/workshops.
b. Any Manufacturing Challenges where IFC support is required.
c. New ideas which you want to get implemented for your units.

Members can submit the filled up form on JSIA email ID:

Demand profiling of SME