Greetings from Jharkhand Small Industries Association

Jharkhand Industrial Policy – 2001 was formulated and implemented after the creation of the State of Jharkhand. The basic objective of the policy was to optimally utilize the available resources in planned and systematic manner for the industrialization of State. It was aimed at enhancing value addition of the natural and human resources in efficient manner to generate additional employment and resources for the growth and development of the State. Considerable progress in industrialization has been achieved during the policy period. As many as 26 mega industries, 106 large and medium industries and 18,109 micro and small industries have been set up in the State during the period with an approximate investment of Rs 28,424.06 crore and about 63,000 people thus far got employment in these industries. [ Read More … ]

Message from the President

Honorable Past Presidents, immediate Past President Shri Yogendra Kr. Ojha, members of the executive committee, our honorable members of FJCCI and my friends from Press and Media. At the onset, I would like to express my gratitude to all

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Message from the Secretary

At Jharkhand Small Industries Association, It has been the efforts of the association to address all the issues that come before the committee & office bearers for providing peaceful operation of the industrial undertaking.

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Objectives of JSIA

The Industrial Policy aims at making Jharkhand one of the most preffered destination for investment, both from inside and outside the country and to ensure accelerated implementation of infrastructure related projects, increasing employment opportunities, improving productivity, ensuring homogeneous and balanced development of all Geographical regions of the State with emphasis on development of small, tiny and cottage industries.

The broad policy objectives are elaborated as below :

  • Optimal utilisation of agro-climatic, mineral and human resources of the State.
  • To promote economic activities to ensure maximum capital investment in the State with the objectives of increasing employment opportunities, improving standard of living of people at large, specially the deprived and the down trodden sections of the society and to ensure all round development of the State.
  • Identification of thrust areas and thrust zones to prioritize the sectors and categorisation of backward regions with respect to industrialisation.

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Circulars / Notifications


MSME New Schemes
Indian economy thrives through the means of enterprise creation as one of the prime movers of the economy. In this direction, “Make in India and Made in India” movement is integral to entrepreneurship development across the country. Therefore, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play a vital role for strengthening the Indian economy.

MSMEs have been contributing to spreading entrepreneurial culture through business innovations. Unique feature of MSMEs is that they are widely dispersed across sectors of economy producing diverse range of products and services to meet local as well as global markets

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